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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the minimum requirement for weddings? 

I have 5 person minimum per artist. Please keep in mind this does not include flower girl makeup. In the event you were to request 2 artists then there would be a 10 person minimum.


  •  What is a trial? And is it included? 

A trial is held Monday-Thursday at my studio in Warwick, Rhode Island. This is up to a 90 min session where we create and customize the look that we will recreate on your wedding day. This also gives us a chance to meet and discuss plans for the big day. A trial is not required however it is strongly recommended and is a seperate fee of $100.


  • Can I have a trial before I book my wedding with you? 

Unfortunately, trials are reserved for contracted brides only and booked no farther out than 4 months from the actual wedding date. Having a trial a year before the wedding date considering the volume of brides that we service is simply to hard to manage. Products in our kit and techniques are so frequently changing that it is nearly impossible to recreate the same exact look a year later. If you would like to see examples of my work please feel free to check out my website and Instagram where there are close to a thousand examples of my work. 

  • Someone in my Bridal party will be receiving makeup services but they don't typically wear a lot of makeup and would prefer a more natural look. Will their service be cheaper?  Whether you are wearing a full face or next to nothing  the fee is still the same. I realize some may think natural makeup is a quicker process but often times it is actually more time consuming to apply the correct products and layer them artfully enough so it covers but remains undetectable.


  • Do you charge a travel fee? 

Yes a travel fee of .50 per mile round trip from Warwick, Rhode Island is charged for each artist that is assigned to your wedding. 


  • If I don't get lashes, will my service be cheaper? 

No, Lashes are complimentary with each service so the price does not change if you supply your own or if you have lash extensions. 


  • If I don't want lashes can you put them on someone else who is not receiving a full face? Unfortunatley, they would still be required to pay separately for that service.


  • How long will my makeup last? 

Great question, and this particular question has a more complex answer. During your trial, I go over what is needed to maintain your look throughout the day. However, there are certain factors that come in to play such a skin type. Someone with dry to normal skin will have no problem at all keeping their makeup on all night however, somebody with oily skin is going to require some maintenance. I personally have extremely oily skin and I’ve tried every product out there and no matter what I do. I can’t make it an entire day without requiring some type of touch up. It is also important to consider the type of look you’re going for. If you’re somebody who is oily and you’re going for a dewy glowy makeup look this is also something that’s not going to last as long as a medium coverage matte finish would. Most of my clients report back and say that their makeup lasted until the next morning but for those who want to ensure that everything lasts we also offer touch ups throughout the day as a service for as many hours as you need. 


  • How far in advance can I book a single appointment?

Because we specialize in wedding make up and are in high demand for weddings, single appointments on the weekend booked April through November are booked no more than 3 weeks out. And during the off season no more than 8 weeks out. However, if you are booking an appointment Monday through Thursday, I am able to accommodate a much larger lead time.

  • What is the process for booking a single appointment? for all appointments I take a $50 non-refundable reservation fee which goes towards your total balance.

  • And what if I have allergies to make up? 

For people who have allergies to certain makeup products it is important that you personally know which ingredients they are and that I am notified well in advance. In cases where clients are allergic to specific make up products, but are not certain which ingredients they are allergic to. I always recommend bringing what you currently use and I can apply that to you because we carry a multitude of products in our kit. It is impossible for us to know the ingredients of everything we carry, which is why being aware of the situation beforehand is extremely important.


  • What types of products do you carry in your kit?

I have a fully stocked kit of professional grade, commercial grade and consumer grade products as well, such as Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Hourglass, etc. One of my biggest passions is purchasing and testing the latest and greatest products on the market to ensure that my kit is always stocked with the very best.


  • How do you sanitize your makeup? 

Makeup sanitization is a top priority, for powder products we spray them down with 70% isopropyl alcohol. For cream, gel, or liquid products they are scooped out with a disinfected spatula onto a palette or sanitized surface then applied to the skin to prevent any double dipping. Disposable mascara wands are used for all mascara applications and there is never any double dipping. Eyeliners and lip liners are sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol then sharpened with a clean sharpener then sprayed again with alcohol. Lip gloss is applied using a disposable one lip wand then discarded. Brushes are cleaned with a professional grade cleanser then sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

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